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Small Businesses Websites, What you need to know

Samar Samir




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Online presence has become a vital factor in achieving business growth. Yet the technicalities and budget needed has deprived Small Businesses(SB) from joining the online game.

Figures show that 60% of Small Businesses do Not have a website, due to many obstacles ranging from being too small of a business to actually have a website, to not having the budget for it. These were the Top Reasons why Small Businesses do not have a website:

  • 35% believe they are too small to have a website
  • 24% Do NOT think it will help with their business
  • 21% lack the technical expertise to manage the website
  • 20% believe it’s too expensive
  • 17% do not have the time to make one


These reasons could be actual obstacles and are justified, especially if a small business is still in its early stages. Yet a majority of Small Business owners who have websites believe they have a compatetive advantage over those who don’t, especially that around 55% of SB owners intend to create their own website within the next TWO YEARS of their startup date.


What about business growth?


48% of Small Business owners who plan to create a website, expect their business to grow 25% or more within the next 3–5 years. Around 53% of them plan to sell online within the first year.


These strategies may come in handy, as the majority of SB websites mainly focus on basic functions some of which have no value for their outreach at all.


For example, 43% of SB websites depend on providing General Information only, neglecting more influential functions such as

  • Customer Services
  • E-Commerce
  • Blogging


As challenging as it may seem for Small Businesses to startup their website, yet it has been proven that in the digital world we live in, the Online Presence plays a vital role in building up a digital crowd, and therefor enhancing the business outreach.