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The Digital Supply for Attention

Samar Samir




2min read

Have you ever thought of how much effort you spend on making people happy?


Well, let’s break it down shall we? 

   Social media has put us in a bigger circle; more exposure and less privacy. Back in the days, when someone sent you a letter by mail, you had your time in replying at your own pace, and more time in thinking about the content of the letter you’re sending back. Or for instance, you once had the luxury of ignoring a phone call or a voicemail that was left out on your answering machine, indulging in the fact that the other person would never figure out your mischief of ignoring them in the first place!

Unfortunately for us, and thanks to all those fancy social media features that assumedly “Brings Us Closer”, we are now deprived from living at our own pace, and forced into constantly delivering back attention.


And here’s how our beloved “Quality Time Alone” was stolen:


Take Whatsapp for example; it only takes two BLUE TICKS to break an entire relationship.
Once the message sent to you is opened and read by you, the person on the other side acknowledges this lovely fact, and therefor you’re automatically under pressure in replying, giving back answers, and you’ll be doomed if you even think of ignoring what’s already out in the open; YOUR MESSAGE IS SEEN.


But Behold! We’re not done yet, as this beautiful “Online/Last Seen” feature brings the pressure to a whole new level. No more hiding behind the curtains, slamming the door shut, you’re practically caught red-handed naked, in a digital term.


Thus these features now are optional, and you could alter them in your settings, but what about Facebook?


You’re subconsciously under major pressure each time you scroll down that homepage of yours. Over and over again you’re asking yourself if this friend will get upset if you haven’t LIKED their status, or commented on their new photo, or even worse; you forgot to write them a Happy Birthday post on their wall.


So here’s a thought:


"Social media is becoming no different than any economic market, living under the laws of Supply and Demand. Yet it has its own law; the Supply and Demand for attention. "


And as the demand keeps on coming, the question remains: Is the effort and time worthy in filling in the supply?